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Mission Statement
STANCATT is a proactive auto theft investigative unit consisting of undercover detectives from the California Highway Patrol, Modesto, Ceres, Turlock Police Deptartments and the Stanislaus Sheriff's Office. Detectives devote their full time efforts to combat and reduce auto thefts. STANCATT is governed and supervised by an Executive Comittee comprised of a California Highway Patrol Captain, Chiefs from each Police Agency and the Sheriff.

Combating Auto Theft
In the summer of 1996, that California Highway Patrol, Sheriff's Office, local Chiefs of Police and the District Attorney met to address the increase of auto theft in Stanislaus County. They formed a county wide task force to investigate auto theft throughout Stanislaus County. The task force is called StanCATT (STANislaus County Auto Theft Task-force.) The task force consists of members of the CHP, Stanislaus County Sheriff, Ceres P.D., Turlock P.D., Modesto P.D. The District Attorney has assigned a Deputy D.A. to prosecute all auto theft cases.

StanCATT is funded by assembly bill 183 that provides a registration fee (under section 9250.14 of the vehicle code) of $1 dollar for every vehicle registered in Stanislaus County. This is a user fee and does not impact current local budgets or burden revenue funds. The law stipulated that revenues allocated to a county under CVC 9250.14 were to be used to fund programs that enhance the capacity of local police and prosecutors to deter, investigate, and prosecute vehicle theft crimes.

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